About Me




Hey.  It’s me, Staci. You’d also know me as Room Mom Extraordinaire, wannabe chef (hello, Ree Drummond), and interior designer at the Hauk Household. I’m living the dream in Gilbert Arizona, playing proud Theater Mom to my daughter Sawyer, future Astronaut parent to my son Garrett, supportive wife to my IT guru hubby Eric and “slobbery kiss receiver” to my pups Andre and Angus.

Not long ago I had an “ah ha” moment in my life. I had been diagnosed with auto immune disease and felt defeated, depleted and depressed. I could continue to live my life by everyone else’s standards or start doing things my way. I decided 2016 would be the YEAR I DON’T CARE.  It’s eye opening when you start living for what makes you truly happy… things get less complicated and they sure as hell get real!

For me, I realized I don’t mind time alone now,  I find joy in watching Friends reruns on Netflix and reading a good book (can there please be a Fifty Shades of Grey #4 already?) I love to whip up a new recipe or my signature lemon squares, and often you will find me redecorating niches of my home.  I am ruthlessly loyal and love to laugh.  My kids are the center of my universe and many of my crafty intuitions stem from them.

So let’s laugh at life’s annoyances and revel in what we really love!  I’m excited to share my journey with you, glad you can come along!