American Girl Store – What’s worth the price?!


So, recently, the American Girl Store came to Scottsdale, Arizona, only a 45 minute drive from our house. Last year for Sawyer’s birthday, we paid the store our first visit and came with our pockets chock full of giftcards from friends and family. Sawyer indulged in pricey products to fill her doll’s closet and keep her entertained for hours. But after the gift cards were gone, so was my ongoing American Girl doll budget. The last two visits have been to partake in special events which were free, and we left with no more than some cute giveaways and a visit to the Bistro.

This weekend I took Sawyer and her best friend to the store for the introduction of the new doll Melody. The girls partook in adorable crafts, ate fruit tarts, drank sparkling cider, and left with free Melody shirts, thanks to being the first twenty girls in line. After the festivities, we took a stroll around the store and Sawyer had many items to add to her list for the holiday season. These items were adorable, but way out of our price range. So, I came home, determined to find ways to remodel her “doll apartment” (also known as the floorspace under her loft bed), without needing to take out a second mortgage. Here is what I found:

Maryellen’s Refrigerator and Food Set — Retro. Pink. Roomy. Filled with popsicles, quarts of milk and fruits. Pretty cutesy with a price tag to match. You’ll shell out $150 for this set, which in all honesty isn’t as impressive as the dollar amount suggests. I found a set that is much more budget friendly and comes with many additional items.


This set is from Walmart and is part of the My Life Doll Playset Collection. It isn’t only a refrigerator, it includes everything you see pictured. How cute is that little oven and pull out eating area? And for only $49.95, you can eat your hearts out, American Girl.


The Comfy Pink American Girl Doll Sofa — For only $68 you can get a tiny little sofa complete with colorful pillows. Or you can do yourself a huge favor and buy this:


This set is $28 at Target and is three pieces instead of one. It comes in pink or purple and has printed fabric for an extra special touch. 🙂


The item of most interest to the girls at the AG Store was Maryellen’s Diner Set. This set was pretty impressive but so was the price — a whopping $275! This did include several diner essentials – eating area, reminiscent of the 1950s, a counter for ordering and plenty of food and utensils to help the dolls run the place. But I was sure there was another option (well I prayed there was, lol).

Check this out:


This Diner is unique because it has a seating area as well as a bar with stools for seating. It comes with a hefty serving of different foods and beverages and even a chalkboard for writing orders! — Oh and it’s only $100!


What doll doesn’t need to unwind after a hard day of … um … “dolling” and enjoy a nice bubble bath? Well for what the Bubble Bathtub at AG costs ($60) I could buy enough bath gels and scented soaps to last a year. Not necessary! Check out this Our Generation set that will leave your wallet squeaky clean for under $30!



Some items at the American Girl Store are worth the price and will be added to our list when holiday season arrives:

The Science Fair Set – $30

For all those Outer Space Enthusiasts – this set is unique and educational!


The Art Studio – $25

This set will spice up the life of your budding artist and even has an art set that her doll can use too!


The Entertainment Set – $85

You’d be hard pressed to find a more impressive set, for all you get with this living room essential. Sawyer loved seeing it in person today and I thought it was pretty darn special too.


When you are making holiday lists this year, I hope you do your research too, and use some of these hacks to put your finances first while getting quality items for your daughter’s doll collection.




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