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For the good part of two years, I felt like every day was an uphill walk. That meant exhaustion, sweat and pain. I was always a very active person, running around even in the heat of Arizona summers and never thinking anything would slow me down. When Auto Immune Disease hit it caught me unaware and brought me down quickly. Even a walk to the mailbox or a drawn out errand seemed to strip me of all my energy for days. It can be lonely and depressing when you can’t keep up with your old self. I would see pictures of our family doing outdoor activities and wonder if I’d ever be able to fully partake again without the fear of an extreme recuperation period.

Then I got the good news recently at my Dr.’s office. I was on the upswing and the medications were working. I had felt better for months but never liked to push myself because I knew what the end result might have been. My Dr., however, was confident that I could resume some light exercise again without fear.

Very hesitantly I played golf with my kids a few weekends ago. I played badminton in the backyard. And today I walked for over an hour without stopping and some of it was even uphill. I didn’t feel tired, I felt energized. I didn’t feel pain, I felt balanced and I didn’t even break a sweat.

I know there are still going to be bad days, where I need to take it easy and need to know my limits. But I won’t allow myself to live within such strict confines anymore. I’m stronger because I know weakness and I kinda hate it…I’m back to being me and I kinda love it. 😉


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