Creativity as great as the galaxy!

I’m seeing stars. Literally. My son is really into outer space — we’re redoing his whole room to reflect this passion and then, while “back to school” shopping, I noticed galaxy themed EVERYTHING in the aisles. The Milky Way is haunting my dreams (and I don’t mean the candy, although that haunts my waistline too often but I digress). And you know what? If you can’t beat ’em – join ’em. I’m in my galactic groove now and I’m feelin’ it.  I found Garrett this amazing outer space lunchbox and backpack:


Could you die? It’s so cute, and he is beyond excited to show his friends. Like, out of this world excited. Cheesy, but like I said, I’m not longer an astronomy anomaly so stick with me.

Garrett was disappointed to notice that although he was already going to be well equipped to show off his interstellar fascination, he couldn’t find outer space binders, folders or pencil boxes….

Enter YouTube!

I spent a few days watching videos on how to turn ANYTHING into a galaxy theme and the result is pretty amazing. Sawyer loved Garrett’s new folder so much that she made one too. Check it out:



  • One solid black folder, pencil case or binder (journals and notebooks work too.)
  • Paints:
    • Orange (bright)
    • Pink (bright)
    • Purple (deep)
    • White
    • Black
    • Light blue
    • Dark Blue
    • Medium Blue
  • Brushes:
    • Dotter sponge brushes like pictured above, I bought a pack of ten at Walmart for $3
    • Two smaller, regular brushes
  • Hairdryer with cool setting
  • Cup of water



  1. Using a larger dotter sponge brush, dot on the dark blue paint in sections, overlapping dots with paint blotted first, so you get a smeared, blended look.
  2. Blow dry on a cool setting until dry — do this between EACH step.
  3. Repeat with light blue paint leaving some dark blue leaking out — use a large dotter for this color too.
  4. Use medium blue paint to pat color over the light blue with a light touch, let the other layers peak through, don’t cover completely.
  5. With the pink and purple, use a small dotter brush to gently tap on accents in a few areas.
  6. Using a small regular brush gently fleck on orange in a few places.
  7. Using a small regular brush, dip in white paint then in water and over the finished scene, flick paint in scattered clusters with your other finger to give a clustered star effect.

I mean, pretty impressive right? This is a folder and we are going to do a binder and pencil box next. You can also do phone cases, lip balm holders — the possibilities are as endless as the night sky. Hope your school year is as “perfectly planetary” as ours!




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