Healthy Splurges for the Food Challenged

So….since I got diagnosed with auto immune disease a year ago, my diet has drastically changed. For the most part I am thrilled with my ultra healthy and well balanced new lifestyle, but I miss the splurges. The “giving into cravings” once in awhile.  It seems when I do that now I feel gross afterwards, making it soooo not worth it, or I can’t do it because of recent and unappreciated food allergies that I didn’t see coming. (See, The Problem with Peanut Butter).

Alas, all is not lost. I took a stroll through Sprouts one day and found several options to curb my cravings and factor in healthy but satisfying splurges. Check these out and go get ’em!

Noosa Yogurt


To say this yogurt is something special would be an understatement. It is deliciousness, wrapped in decadence, coated in awesomeness. I love every flavor, either plain, frozen (yes you should pop one in your freezer immediately, with fruit mixed in), or in a smoothie. Best flavors in this order: Key Lime, Strawberry Rhubarb and Salted Caramel. PS, they are loaded with probiotics!

Medjool Dates from Sprouts


Considered the diamond of dates, and I can see why, medjools are plump, sugary sweet, and uber chewy, helping with my cravings after lunch. Bite into one, and your tastebuds burst with hints of honey, caramel and even a little spice. Healthy? Absolutely! But they sure don’t taste like it. It’s like eating a bag of candy without the guilt and all the pleasure! 😉

Chocolate Peppermint Stick Luna Bars


They’re minty, they’re crunchy, they’re chocolatey….and they’re an organic, nutritious, gluten-free snack or meal replacement. I will admit this is the only Luna flavor I am hooked on, but they are all tasty. They help me sneak in protein and fiber too which us vegetarians always need! What I really enjoy is that they have me dreaming of cooler weather and holiday season with the peppermint tones and in the AZ summer I could always use a reminder of a chillier time.

Braswell’s Pure Pear Preserves


Ok, this is a recent find and so juicy and sweet, you will find yourself wanting just one more dollop. I dip honey pretzel twists in this, spread it on flat out Skinny Girl flatbreads, or I’ll go ahead and admit it, sometimes I scoop it out and eat it plain. If you are a fan of pear and cinnamon together, then I have no idea why you aren’t already at the store picking this up — oh, did I mention you can warm this up and drizzle it on cinnamon ice cream. Yeah, you should do that.

So if you are food challenged like me, don’t distress! There are healthful and hearty options to cure your cravings and still stay on track! Enjoy and let me know what you think!




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