Hoarders, Junior Edition


So… how many of you watch the show Hoarders? I think I die a little inside every time I see it. I don’t know why I torture myself with the knowledge that some people actually live in total chaos (see my post about my severe OCD), maybe I think of it as a desensitizer, but I find the show fascinating. That is, until I started to live it.

My husband Eric is a huge hoarder. When we were “eliminating” to move into a new home, I found arguments arose over whether or not to keep his amp for the guitar he’s never played or the clothes from high school (he’s 42) that might disintegrate if we hold onto them any longer. But he’s getting so much better and little by little he’s allowing me to make our closet space more practical.

Did you know Hoarding is hereditary? Well I have no scientific evidence mind you, but low and behold, my daughter seems to have inherited the “clutter gene.” I noticed this years ago when I went to clean her closet or drawers and found old hole punches that she was saving in case….what??? We needed some emergency confetti? And broken beads from old necklaces…because???? Maybe there would be a bead shortage and we could salvage these and rebuild the beading industry? I am out of guesses when it comes to what she holds onto.

I had to share the picture above — this was taken while she was hysterically laughing on the floor, at my reaction when I saw this inside ONE, yes ONE, skinny, small desk drawer. Her concoction of crap is nothing short of an advanced level Look and Find Book. By the way, do you see my sanity in there? Because you get double points for that one.

This picture is her intervention. There will be no more of this. I mean, this is what accumulated over one semester of school. I introduced her to the garbage can that day — I mean, maybe they hadn’t formally met and she was too shy to approach him with her two year old happy meal toys and broken buckles from old belts. Now that I made an introduction, I feel they should get more acquainted on a daily basis. If you haven’t looked at it, played with it, or even know what it is after a week — guess what? Your old friend the trash can is taking donations.

Hoarders – do you want to start a Juniors Edition? If so, give us a buzz. Until then I will stare at the insides of my child’s drawers like the train wreck they are, praying for Mary Poppins to snap her fingers and make them clean again.

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