I’ve Become THAT Mom



When Garrett was little, he was diagnosed with a rare and extreme lactase deficiency. That means he can’t digest dairy without a Lactaid, but until we found this out we had him on a strict Vegan diet. Since then, he is regulated and that’s when my issues with food arose. It started with the peanut allergy that came out of the blue and recently has parlayed into a problem with red meat and gluten.

As a kid growing up in the Midwest, we didn’t worry about such ridiculous nonsense like wheat preservatives, vegan cheeses and non GMO meat substitutes. We ate a steady diet of beef stew, tuna noodle casserole (still my favorite, mom) and plenty of grilled cheese. It was Chicago. It was cold. Heavy meals were the bee’s knees. And they were yummy!

When I started to do my research as a young mom who was thrust into the world of food intolerances, I found out more than what made a good vegan meal – I found out what exactly was in our food and why so many people are affected by allergies these days. And I was grossed out and disturbed – I definitely got more knowledge than I bargained for.

Slowly I started to eliminate any artificial ingredients and colors from both my kids’ foods. Then I started buying them granola bars that only had five ingredients or less in them. All of which I could pronounce.  I made the slow but steady move to all organic fruits and vegetables and cut our sodium intake by half. I used the nutritionist mentality of shopping a grocery store perimeter before hitting the aisles – this ensured my cart was full of fresh, whole foods before seeing packaged and canned goods, therefor I barely bought any. I recently started meal prepping for my hubby to avoid him eating frozen food. And as I placed the sweet potato tortillas in my cart at Sprouts last week, I couldn’t help but groan. Because I’d become THAT mom. The one who reads every label and knows the meaning of every food additive.

How did this happen? I love buffets (hello, I went to college in Las Vegas), and my crock pot is my best friend – especially for cream soups. My favorite food group is Italian – as in spaghetti, lasagna and stuffed shells. And dessert – nothing beats an ice cream sundae or a slice of apple pie. But seriously, if I even think of ingesting anything on that list these days, I pay for it dearly. And it isn’t worth it. And I am seeing just how food effects people.

For those of you like my hubby who can eat whatever he wants and not have any repercussions – I solute you.  Have a juicy hamburger topped with bacon and onion rings for me. But I notice that my kids don’t have a sweet tooth and never eat a heavy meal.  Maybe that isn’t so bad. They splurge, believe me, but they don’t enjoy it nearly as much as I did as a kid.

Is it sad that we are TOO educated about food these days? Kinda. But I do think we will all be healthier in the longrun – my love affair with eating isn’t the same, but hey, I am learning what I can have without an issue. I enjoy most of it. And that’s truly the cherry on top of my “coconut ice cream, non dairy cool whip, pea protein peanut butter sauce” sundae.

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