My Gym Journey

These days you can find me at the gym. I know, don’t faint. The GYM! For my friends and family I think it was a little shocking when I picked up this wonderful new habit mid year and it was my way of turning some recent lemons into lemonade.

It all started in August, I was looking for a way to improve my health after going through a stressful summer. My autoimmune issues had reared their ugly heads again and I suffered a bit of a relapse in symptoms, after doing well for quite some time. I eat very healthy but that wasn’t cutting it anymore. I always wanted to workout, but the pain it caused afterwards didn’t leave me much motivation to get in a routine.

My parents started going to a gym around that time and were always telling me how lowkey and relaxed it was there. That was appealing to me. I am definitely not a “gym person” so I didn’t want the silent judgements of my less than impressive workout regime.  I started going with my mom and dad once a week just to walk on the indoor track and maybe dabble on the machines.  As time went on, I started finding myself driving to the gym and paying for day passes upwards of three times a week. It just became a habit, because afterwards, I felt like I really did something beneficial for myself and that set a positive tone for the day.

Fast forward to October and I joined the gym. I am up to a two mile jog four times a week along with a 45 routine of arms and legs on various machines. I don’t do it to lose weight, or for vanity. Or by any means to impress everyone else. I am thoroughly enjoying the decreased muscle and joint pain and overall stress relief the gym helps me achieve. At first I could barely move the next day after a workout and now my joints are better than ever.

I’m thrilled to have my kids see me at my best lately, we jog with our new puppy, ride bikes, and take several long family walks more than once a day. They haven’t seen this side of me in far too long, and its nice.

Will I ever run marathons? Doubtful. Will I be a body builder? Um, no. Will I ever feel not-awkward in my activewear? Hopefully. But that’s not what its about. Like the sign at my gym says, “Working out isn’t about being better then someone else, it’s about being better than you were yesterday.” And I’m SO there.


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