My new YouTube Channel and I will be blogging regularly again!

Hi everyone!

As you all know I have been trying to put together a YouTube Channel where I share a passion of mine – making school lunches. I never really thought of this as a hobby until I checked out the YouTubers that had established channels¬† dedicated to this topic. Wow! There are so many! The niche may be saturated a bit, but this is a part of my day I take great pride in for many reasons, and hope you will subscribe to my channel before checking out the competition. ūüėČ

Garrett was born with a severe lactase deficiency, and I¬†suffer from Celiacs (can’t have gluten) and a nasty peanut allergy that I just recently acquired.¬†¬†This makes mealtime challenging, and set me on a course¬†to healthier and safer eating about three years ago when we really started to learn more about how Garrett reacted to food. My kids love nutritious food and often prefer a piece of fruit to candy or sweets, which makes things a lot easier for me. I have learned that if it isn’t in the house, no one craves it and stocking the fridge and pantry with wholesome items has helped all of us choose more wisely when it comes to meals or snacking.

I take food kinda seriously around here.¬†My husband says I obsess. Just because I cringe when he eats egg yolks or a whole sleeve of oreos, doesn’t mean…ok, he’s probably right.¬† Everything in moderation right? Well I disagree. I really overthink everything we eat, and that has translated into teaching the kids how to pack a well balanced lunch. Yes. I give them a sweet treat in their lunches. I’m not a monster after all. But the funny thing is that over time, they have asked for Kind bars instead of cookies and bagel thins instead of bread, so I must be doing something right.¬† We enjoy making lunches together and planning for the week so much, that we agreed it was time to share¬†the fun¬†with others!

Enter HEALTH NUT, BUT. This is our YouTube Channel — healthy eating BUT also budget friendly. Honestly, eating¬†nutritious and allergy friendly foods¬†shouldn’t cost a fortune.¬† If you do your research and wait for sales, it can all fall into place.

We also subscribe to the “shop around the store edges first” philosophy which means buying mostly fresh foods and it balances our meals well. The packaged foods we buy are mostly five ingredients or less and that makes it easy to pick something from the pantry that will fill us up without weighing us down. I also participate in online grocery ordering which is the ideal way to stay on budget! If you see you’re going over, it’s easy to find the items that were splurges and delete them. It also means I’m not shopping hungry which was a downfall of mine in the past. Now I shop while I sit at the kitchen table with a snack.¬†I visit our local Sprouts or Natural Grocers to “fill in the blanks” with dairy free treats and gluten free wraps/deli meats and canned items (like organic garbanzo beans for making homemade hummus in bulk).

So that’s an overview of how I prepare for a week of fun lunch making! The kids and I hope you will like and SUBSCRIBE to HEALTH¬†NUT, BUT today and tell us what you think. We also hope you’ll learn a thing or two from our kitchen. Enjoy!


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