The Year I Do Care

So, while I am over here not caring this year, my good friend Angela is caring about a lot of recent issues in the media and in politics. Good for her! I agree with her perspective and I think no matter what your beliefs, you will appreciate her honesty and humor. (Like her I care too much so I am trying to remedy that with my new ‘tude. ;)) Read on….

While Staci has declared this the year she doesn’t care, I wish upon a star that I could do the same.  The problem is I do care.  I care too much.  As someone who is a very sensitive soul, I am having a hard time with the events and goings on in the world right now.  There is so much negativity coming from all directions – terror, politics, and Kim Kardashian.  You can blame it on Trump, but it’s not his fault {and no I am not a Trump supporter.}

First of all, let’s talk terror.  How can you hate a group of people so much for enjoying their lives that you will gun them down, run them over and bomb them for being happy?  After the Paris terror attacks last year, I talked to my 8-year-old about it in a very kid friendly way, because I figured it was time.   The world is changing and it’s changing fast.  Kids today will not know a world without terror and these attacks are coming at a rapid pace.  But how do you explain that kind of hate to a child?  I don’t have the answer, I’m not sure I can even explain it to an adult.

Next, this election.  Whether you’re with her, or with him, just stop with the hate.  And yes, it’s on both sides even if you don’t want to admit that to yourself.  It’s modern day politics and it is nasty.  I can’t get through my newsfeed without seeing at least three hate filled posts about Donald Trump and what is going to happen to our country if he’s elected.  All of these posts are fueled by fear because the reality is we don’t know what is going to happen and unless you have a crystal ball that predicts the future, you’re just spreading more fear and hate yourself.

I about lost my mind last week when Melania Trump plagiarized Michelle Obama’s speech.  Okay, call her out on it and let’s move on, but the world was a flutter with hate.  Jessica Chastain posted a photo to Instagram, which was a side-by-side screen shot of Melania and Michelle with the words from both of their speeches.  I’m sure beautiful Jessica Chastain had no idea the storm she was unleashing from her followers.  When I saw there were 1,500 comments on the post, I was curious to see what people were saying.  The worst offender was a young Hillary supporter named Anna who was currently verbally attacking an older woman {a Trump supporter,} named Kristen.

When Kristen pointed out that this was selective moral outrage, she unleashed a beast within Anna.  Over the course of several posts, all of which Kristen was civil and not disrespectful, Anna told her to F off, called her the big bad B word, and attacked her personal appearance (“old lady hands and ugly a** jewelry.”)  The irony was that Anna’s profile states “Love.  Always.  In all ways.”  I guess that only applies if you’re not a Trump supporter.

How do you explain what is happening with the election to your kids?  I want my daughter to have her own opinions, because we all have them and they aren’t all the same.  But I never want her to be attacked for her opinions or her political beliefs, so I’ll teach her this little secret – if you want real change in our country, pay more attention to who you vote for in Congress.

Finally, how do we explain to our kids what happens when Kim Kardashian goes after the beloved Taylor Swift on social media? Amid all the world events, this one dominated the news and the water cooler conversations last week.  Yes, this.  All I will say is, I hope however many Snapchat followers Kim gained in this stunt, they were worth it, because Karma is a, well, you know.  And Taylor, once again as far as Kimye is concerned, you’re just going to have to follow your own advice and shake it off.

In a year where I care too much, I’m trying to follow the sage advice of Don Miguel Ruiz and his four agreements.  I promise to be impeccable with my word, don’t take anything personally, don’t make assumptions, and to always try my hardest.  I also promise to teach my daughter the same thing, and for that matter anyone else who wants to get into a political debate.



This is Angela Jones. She is awesome at lots of things. Angela lives in Phoenix with her husband, her daughter, and Violet, the cat. She is a former film publicist who currently works as a freelance marketing & public relations specialist. As a lover of pop culture and a mom trying to guide her daughter into making good life choices, she combined the two and created her blog, Popsiculture, in 2012.

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