This crazy road called life

A few weeks ago, I posted about not missing the baby years with my kids. That’s life I think. You enjoy living in the now and wonder how the future will be! For all of us, this means different things — for me, I am looking forward to the ever evolving motherhood experience – new hobbies, new school grades and new adventures. For our parents, that means looking ahead to the next chapter, where retirement is near, and a different lifestyle can begin. My mom explores what her and my dad’s “next chapter” looks like in this heartfelt blog post.  Welcome to The Year I Don’t Care, Andrea! (Mom)


Somewhere down my road, I heard these words: find something you are passionate about and find a way to make money doing it.  Easy enough I thought, until I dug deep into my heart and figured out what I am most passionate about does not have money making potential…and that is being a grandmother. This amazing and creative time in my life, a time to relive and polish the skills that served me well as a mom, have no earning potential.  Now what? Here’s where I’m at in my head these days…read on.

My dear husband is already retired, not by choice, but thankfully in good health now. He is celebrating his 10th year of remission from Leukemia, which is something I celebrate everyday..out loud and silently in my prayers. He is eager for me to join the ranks with him as we step into this next chapter of our lives. We talk about it constantly. What we’ll do, where we’ll go, and how we will fill the days that don’t require me to be at a real job.  This is what we have dubbed  “our life part 2”, and we live it more appreciatively and richer than ever before.   Coincidentally, we became grandparents for the first time right around the time of his illness, and I had the feeling in my gut that this new title in our lives as we moved forward, would mean great things for him, for me, for us. It has and it does…and now retirement for me is slowly creeping up, happily so…..what exactly will this mean?

We want to volunteer.  Not sure in what capacity or where, but we have a deep desire to pay things forward.  Perhaps with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I have also entertained the idea of becoming a volunteer at our grandchildrens’ schools using some creative juices that are stagnating.  We’ll see.

We want to travel. Our finances will take on a different picture once I stop working, so we are not shooting for the big and huge.  Instead we are looking forward to exploring the many American hotspots that we haven’t seen, the events we haven’t experienced and the beautiful landscape throughout the country. Not worrying about vacation days, and adding the word “leisure” to our vocabulary will be such a welcome concept.

We want to get, stay and pursue good health and a healthy lifestyle. We are determined to be around for a long time ahead and plan to make this a daily priority. 100 years old or bust. Well at least that’s the hope. The grandkids can’t live without us…ha!

And then I am back to my original to make money pursuing what I love…because I still think I will need to do something even a couple days a week to keep things on track. I love being a grandmother more than you could possibly imagine. I live and breathe it. If I am seeing the kids on Sunday, I am thinking about it the Monday prior. Planning activities, games, crafts, whatever I think they will enjoy (and I will enjoy even more!) 

Thankfully their Papa shares my enthusiasm and desire, but typically the ideas are mine for the most part.  I love crafts. I love doing them, teaching them, sharing them. Nope..not a money maker. I love games, sleepovers and ice cream…No money maker. So where do I go and what do I do with this desire? The answer came to me recently one night in my sleep…I’m going to write children’s books…or at least one. Don’t want to shoot for the moon in my ambition because it may not work out. Optimistic but still cautious…. I’m going to start children’s book. And maybe a blog about being a grandmother. A very dear co-worker and friend has repeatedly planted this thought in my mind and likes what my written words have to say…I’m encouraged, I may have something worthwhile here…so this is my plan. Just waiting now for the magical number 62, not far off now…..stay tuned.