Why I Don’t Miss the Baby Years

I know it sounds harsh, but I am really enjoying having kids that aren’t babies anymore. Don’t get me wrong, my kids are growing up way too fast and I can’t believe they are almost 6 and 9, but the melancholy I hear about from other parents who no longer have an infant at home just never resonated with me.

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When my daughter Sawyer was an infant she was a handful to say the least. She had severe colic and would scream and cry at full volume from dawn to dusk. At the time we lived far from town, and my hubby was at a new job, working long hours, so I had no diversion from the intensity of her discomfort  for nearly 12 hours a day.  When I would attempt to venture into civilization for Gymboree class or for a playdate, the colic would transform into projectile vomiting and in 112 degrees (we live in Arizona after all) it was less than a treat.

Sawyer evened out aroun2016-06-24 17.18.26d 2 just in time to add her brother Garrett to the mix. He was an easy, breezy baby, but I was quite the beached whale while I was pregnant with him. I was huge! He weighed nearly 9 pounds at birth, and considering I only weigh 100 it was not a pretty picture. Add in that same lovely heat factor and a potty training toddler and we were all a hot mess (literally) for quite a while.

The cuddling, the first smiles, the first steps, etc, etc, are memories I cherish. I watch the videos and glance through the pictures and baby books often to reminisce. The kids enjoy that too and love hearing animated tales of their first words and adventures. But on a daily basis, I am thoroughly enjoying having little people I can relate to now and have real conversations with.

My son is an avid outer space enthusiast and he teaches me about the solar system on the daily. He asks insightful questions and often answers them before I have time to hit Google up for answers, but he is hilarious and smart and I enjoy our time together. My daughter is a drama queen in every facet of the words. She recently participated in her first Community Theater Production (the Music Man) which was such an amazing bonding experience for us. It is our favorite musical and it gave me a chance to come with, and help behind the scenes. We held many car singalongs during rehearsal drives and practiced her dance moves at home in our 2016-05-06 10.23.22down time. The laughter we shared is something I hope continues throughout her life and I don’t feel sad for days gone by, because the present is proving to be such an incredible gift.

When I spend time with friends who have newborns or toddlers, I enjoy seeing them cherish that stage but I don’t ache for it on a personal level.¬† I enjoy my children just as they are now and can’t wait for what’s to come. There will be plenty of time to re-enter the world of sleepless nights and constant drool later — when I am a grandparent.


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